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Dive into joeysfooddiary's Culinary Adventure at a Casual Japanese Restaurant in Withington: A Mouthwatering Experience Awaits!

@joeysfooddiary visited this casual Japanese restaurant in Withington to sample some of their mouthwatering dishes ~They tried the following:

》Karaage Chicken

》Mixed Sashimi Platter

》King Prawn Tempura

》Ribeye Beef Yakitori

》Salmon Avocado Roll

》Spicy Salmon Volcano Roll

》Unagi Nigiri

》Mixed Seafood Yakisoba

》Tonkotsu Pork Ramen with black garlic

"Everything that we had was very satisfying from the fresh slices of assorted sashimi (Salmon, Tuna, Ama Ebi, Mackerel) well-seasoned beef yakitori, perfectly cooked karaage chicken & prawn tempura, scrumptious ramen to the addictive rolls then washed these all down with a lovely sake. Their portion sizes makes them ideal for sharing too."
"The Yakisoba had a substantial amount of mixed seafood and the moreish sauce on it was delightful. There's a great variety of assorted rolls too which were packed with flavour and complimented the richness of the hearty ramen - its broth and springy noodles were impressive. The first mouthful was lush, elevated by the different elements on it."
"The robust flavours plus delicate textures of their signatures dishes were exceptional. We dined in one of their tatami rooms which was cosy and quite intimate, the experience transported me back to my trips in Japan several years ago."
"Zen Sushiya focuses on the quality of food and customer experience which were both evident during our visit. Their main chef has 15 years experience making Sushi. They have an extensive menu and offers hot/cold starters, yakitori, tempura, sashimi, special rolls, yakisoba, ramen, sake, desserts etc. Please do check them out, I highly recommend this place."

Join us on our food journey as we explore the flavours of our Japanese restaurant in Withington! Subscribe to our Sushi Blog for more food reviews, share your thoughts on this foodie adventure in the comments below, and don't forget to spread the word by sharing this post with other foodies ! Let's savor every bite together! 🍣

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