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Dive into somebodyfeedkaz’s Culinary Adventure at a beautiful Japanese restaurant in Manchester with a unique concept 😍

@somebodyfeedkaz visited this beautiful Japanese restaurant in Manchester and fell in love!

"The moment I walked in to @zensushiyamanchester I fell in love😍 All staff were dressed in traditional Japanese kimono 👘 and you can even get your own little private booth where you sit on bamboo mat 😍 it's such a unique and Lovely experience."
"Food here is outstanding too!! Simple Japanese food like the kimchi beef stew rice 🫶 very comforting and literally melt in your mouth and they make their own kimchi from scratch too so big brownie points 😱."
"We loved their sushi especially their dragon roll with prawn in tempura and let me tell you this their tempura is MAGIC ✨ LIGHT CRISPY AND SIMPLY SCRUMPTIOUS."
"HIGHLY recommend this place for good food and lovely service."

Embark on a delectable journey with our food blog as we explore the flavours of a beustiful Japanese restaurant in Manchester! Subscribe to our Sushi blog for more tantalizing food reviews, share your thoughts on this culinary adventure in the comments below, and don't forget to spread the word by sharing this post with fellow food enthusiasts! Let's savor every bite together! 🍣

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