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Manchester Evening News introduced Zen Sushiya as a Hiden Gem

Thanks to its diverse and multi-cultural population, Manchester is a city that is home to a thriving culinary scene.

Locals can try everything from Chinese to Indian, Thai and Mexican food on its streets - but there's one hidden gem eatery based in Withington that they may have missed.

Zen Sushiya on Princess Road offers diners mouth-watering sushi, gyoza dumplings, tempura and more, all in an inviting setting with excellent customer service.

They can also order a range of fresh mixed fruit drinks, Japanese plumb wine, flavoured or sparkling sake. The restaurant is currently offering its customers a special summer offer as well, with two sake cocktails for £15.

Please note this alcohol is only available to people aged 18+. Zen Sushiya follows the 'challenge 25 policy' so you may be asked for ID when purchasing. Please drink responsibly. Do not drink if you are pregnant.

From the moment visitors set foot in the venue, they're greeted by friendly staff, ambient lighting and tasteful décor. In fact, the entire restaurant has been furnished in the traditional Izakaya style, typical of a casual pub serving a variety of food and drinks, where people go to dine after work in Japan.

Diners will find ornate paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling, an indoor fruit tree, colourful kimonos and iconic Japanese paintings on the walls. There's also two handmade tatami rooms, which are often used in the culture to entertain guests, which customers can book on special occasions for 5-10 people.

But that's not all, food lovers who visit Zen Sushiya can be satisfied that they're sampling the true taste of Japan with every bite. The restaurant's kitchen team is overseen by a female chef, who has more than 15 years of industry experience in the UK alone - having worked at Japanese restaurants all over the city.

Xiaodong Sun, owner of Zen Sushiya, says: "My mother worked at one of the most popular restaurants in Shanghai, China - a bustling food capital. She was trained there around 20 years ago and has since passed on her expertise when she was upskilling other chefs, some of whom have gone on to open their own restaurants as well."

A feast for the tastebuds

Food lovers can indulge in the exquisite flavours of Japan right here in Manchester at Zen Sushiya (Image: Zen Sushiya)

Those who choose to visit Zen Sushiya can go on a culinary journey straight to the streets of Japan, and enjoy good quality food made from fresh ingredients at an affordable price.

There are plenty of plant-based and halal options on the menu to choose from. And the restaurant offers both hot and cold starters, such as endame, kimchi, karage chicken and miso soup.

And when it comes to its hand-rolled sushi creations, food lovers are spoiled for choice, with the likes of nigri, shashimi, hosomaki, uramaki, and temaki to add to their plates. Special creations are available fresh to order too, like the katsu curry chicken roll, unagi dragon roll, rainbow roll, vegetable roll, or the iconic sushi doughnut.

Those who are looking to try something a little different can instead indulge in hot bowls of ramen, served with toppings of half boiled eggs and vegetables, with helpings of shoyu beef or jigoku spicy chicken. They can also order a hearty bowl of donburi; a Japanese traditional rice bowl with toppings of vegetables, seaweed salad, egg, tuna and salmon sashimi.

Book your table

Zensushiya has a hygiene rating of five stars (Image: Zen Sushiya)

Whether visitors are eating alone, coming in for a date night, an evening out with friends or a family get-together, Zen Sushiya offers the ideal backdrop for any occasion.

Customers can book a table at the restaurant via the website, and the venue can also host their special event including birthdays, anniversaries, hen dos and more. They can also order authentic Japanese food for collection or straight to their doorstep.

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